We are currently offering manufactures the widest range of backup power products to facilitate the unique needs of today’s industrial-sized applications

In different commercial offices, consistent power supply is highly required to ensure the smooth flow of work. Unfortunately in Bangladesh, the blackout is a common scenario which disrupts the quality of work hugely. In the commercial business world, these outages can be extremely costly.  The use of diesel generators here ensures a backup power source and serves as a form of insurance that can save your revenue which is compromised due to loss of electrical power.  The great thing about us, though the conventional power diesel generator is very expensive for industrial usages, Ranks Power Tech Ltd. can offer Diesel Generator in

  • Very Low Operating Cost
  • Remarkable Fuel Economy
  • Very Economical Parts Price
  • Longer Service Interval
  • Soundproof with the lowest noise level


  • Robust Engine
  • In-Bukit Oil Cooler
  • Piston Cooling Jet
  • Bypass Filter
  • Air Filter Choke Indication
  • Starter Motor with Thermal cut off
  • Extremely Low vibration