Better Design, Better Aesthetic, Better Value Diesel Genset Range: 30kVA to 125kVA VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd design and manufactures EICHER brand automotive & non-automotive engines with modern technology which is already established and known for high reliability, consistent quality and high fuel efficiency. The Engine and Gensets are also exported to regions like Europe, Middle-east, Africa and SAARC Nations.


Low Operating Cost

Remarkable Fuel Economy
* EICHER is the most preferred engine in terms of fuel ECONOMY
& it saves fuel in the range of 10% – 15% over Most of the other engines


Longer Service Interval
500 hours or 12 months for Lub, Oil, Oil filter & Fuel filter



    • It measures, monitor, control & operate all the required electrical mechanical parameters.
    • Logs last 50 fault codes


  • Robust Engine
  • In-Built Oil Cooler
  • Piston Cooling Jet
  • Bypass Filter
  • Air filter Choke indication
  • Starter Motor with Thermal cut off
  • Extremely Low Vibration
  • Compact Size: Ideal for Rooftop Installation



Standard warranty shall be 24 Month from date of supply or 5000 hours

whichever is earlier for optional extended warranty is available at extra cost


  • Noise level less than 75dB(A) at a distance of 1 Meter
  • Single Point lifting arrangement

Manufacturing Competence

The industrial town of Pithampur,near Indore (Madhya Pradesh), is the manufacturing facility of EICHER TRUCKS AND BUSES. In 1989, it was the first commercial vehicle manufacturing plant to be set up in a Central India. Spread over just 83 acres (340,000 sq. m.). It hoises all that is required to design, test,produce and service Diesel Engine and commercial vehicle. The facility has been well equipped with product designing and Research & Development Centres. The state-of-the art plant in Pithampur has access to top line manufacturing process, which includes weld shop with robotic arm, CED paint shop, integrated test facilities, 100% hot test facility of Engines and lean & scalable manufacturing set up. Plant has high degree of automation and poke-yoke for ensuring consistent quality Engine. The setup has passed the most stringent global quality norms of Volvo Group and is now equipped to produce highest quality engines. VE Commercial Vehicle Ltd also exports engines to many countries including European Nations, where the product is well established among other leading technology brands

Quality Systems

VECV Quality system are designed with the concept of “Build Quality in process” & ensured to infuse in the culture, in this “Eicher way” constructive values are defined with customer-centric approach and inculcated these calues across the organization with the air, everyone at every movement think towards the customer. As a part of that journey, the organization had taken a step to enhance the quality through great initiative of CSI1 (Customer Satisfaction India No:1) in the year 2009. CSI1 conception is from UD trucks, japan with concepts of Hoshin Kanri, i.e policy deployment in all processes of the organization
In CSI1, goal is an end customer satisfaction, with a slogan “Quality everywhere”. Product, service and sales quality. Right from the design drawing board to the manufacturing process and the service support, everything has been developed to provide higher performance based efficiency. Our design
and manufacturing quality is ensured that all engines have maximum up time, longer life cycle and best fuel efficiency thereby leading to greater productivity.